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Would you like to choose a job or a career?

According to The Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs, in only the second quarter of 2016, Vietnam had 1,088 million unemployees in the age of emploment, took up 2.29% total labore in the country.  

Among these people, field experts took up to 410 million; post-graduate: 190 million; college level: 94 million; and trade school: 60 million. 

These figures puzzled many students as they reached their last year in high school. The students and their family are really confused about the future after graduate. 

At VPBank, we think that if you only search for one job then the risk of unemployment is quite high. 


If you're only looking for one job, that means your mind is set to find a place which can accept your abilities, skillsets then uses it and pays to what you contribute.

Whereas if you're looking for a career, this means that you mind is ready for the challenges and experiences from new things in order to build yourself a promotion path. When that happens, you won't depend on the assignation by your company you apply, you will be in charge of showing off your skills and adaptation to changes. You will even feel excited when experiencing things you didn't think you could do before, since they are beneficial to your career. 

Let's put off temporarily how you will get paid when comparing between a job and a career. This will not be as simple as a number you have in your bank account each month because you will also need to take into account the opportunity cost given  to you when you pick one of the two, a job or a career. 

By "selling" your laboring skills and experiences, the salary you're going to be offered might satisfy you, or if you're lucky and find a good workplace, it might be higher than you expected. However, selling "what you're already had" will likely put you in the situation which your company no longer needs you, it maybe because they don't need your expertise anymore, or your skills no longer suit the company's development, or the company needs to cut down on staff due to bad business results. For a very understandable reason, people selling what they already had will be the first one to get cut down because the company can always find someone like you on the labor market when needed later. 

So if you choose to develope your career: There will be difficulties at first. Hardship will come as soon as when you're hand out your CV, then the interviews, because you're not only sell what you possess but also your passion about the choice you made. However, after getting through that rough path, what will be waiting for you? Don't rush to think that the difficulties has left you when you're hired, it actually gets tougher than that. 

You will wonder: then why should I choose a rough path instead of a familiar one, selling "what I already had", since it's more feasible and the risks, though exists, is uncomparable to the results at hand? 

“…Every steps we take on the rosy path
Will suffer from pains by the rosy spikes 
The glory road has many trials…”

At VPBank, we can only commit to build your career, not just prvide you a job. With 23 years of experience in system building and developing, we deeply understand the importance of human resource development, becuase no matter how advanced your technology and machinary system are, the operator is still human. Furthermore, the one who creates those machines and softwares is also a man.

By committing to build your career, you need to prepare for a bigger human resource, longer experiencing time, build a more professional environment, encourage creativity and reduce negative factors for development. Let's go find your potential and undiscovered skillsets. 

Developing your career doesn't mean you have to stay forever with that company, it just bring you the opportunity to discover your potetial and put youself to the challenges. The final results we have will be firm. You can find your position in any other organizations, understand your true value and worthy of equal rights. 

So, will you choose a job or a career? 

Please visit website https://tuyendung.vpbank.com.vn/  to enhance your career opportunity today.


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