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VPBank has the happiness employees in Viet Nam

Human resource happiness indicator

At the end of 12/2016, a small but very meaningful event took place at VPBank Tower Sai Gon, the southern headquarter of VPBank Vietnam. It was the opening of the two milk storage department with two fully-equipped milking machines and storages.

This event is meant to raise the female laboreres's awareness and knowledges about the labor law, fiscal policy, breast feeding and child caring. This also support female laborer totally in rasing the child during the first 6 months and maintain in next months. 

There are 4 milk storages deployed at VPBank up to now and will spread out this model and its humane values in supporting female laborer breast feeding.

These stories about milk storages sounds strange at first, but with VPBank employees, this is a very normal thing. Moreover, VPBank also the possess happiest staff and ranked 26/100 on the best workplace categories in Vietnam.

In this year broad survey, Anphabe measured the happiness display of Vietnamese workers and represented them through 4 indicators: Mental Engagement - to see whether the employees acknowledge what they receive at their work are fair and beneficial. Emotional engagement - do they love their job, proud of their work and trust in the vision of the Board and close to their colleague. There are two other indicators, which help them change their bonding into Willing Efforts - do more than required to help the company- and Long Term Commitment to the company. 

VPBank achieved high score in Human Resource Happiness according to Anphabe ranking and reach the Top 5 happiest worskplace in Vietnam 2016. The organizer committee gave out the results from this survey, which is: Employees are truly happy when they are deeply engaged with the company in physically and emotionally, thus leads to actions - supporting and bonding with the company.

Before that, McKinsey also do a survey on VPBank working environment, and the results showed that VPBank's OHI (Organization Health Indicator) has rised constantly from 2010 to 2016, belonged to 25% business frim which have the highest OHI in the world.

Core values

Just a few years ago, when a person leaves the one of the Top 3 Vietnames Bank and work for VPBank, 100% was asked: you're doing great, why leave the job for somewhere ordinary?" Some even said that: "people who move from big banks to VPBank is like cutting down big brand products to fake products!?"

"When I first came, the uniform was not good at all, the transaction offices are not synchronized", Phan Tran Hanh Nguyen, Customer service director at VPBank Gia Dinh, "However, now almost everybody love their job, income and especially the workplace here." 

"VPBank really changed itself and grew a lot. I am now very proud of my decision to leave my former job to come and work here." Nguyen said. She also shared that having the chance to experience VPBank changes and being able to contribute to those breakthroughs are the joy of VPBanker. It is a suprise to know that Nguyen is VPBank Customer Service Trang Nguyen - the first place in a professional contest. She has also push her department into many other internal activities held by VPBank. 


VPBank internal events receive great responds from employees

We talked to one of our senior about this issues, he confirmed that these past few years, one of the core values in the change of VPBank is the bonding between staffs.

"To many people, including me, VPBank is the second home. In order to keep the talents to stay with VPBank, or even to make them return after leaving, the bonding between staffs is crucial.VPBank was and will be a place where employees are respected, listened to and sho off their inner and outer potetial in their work."

Respecting your colleagues in two ways: from employees to employer and vise versa, is the most outstanding culture here at VPBank.


VPBankers competed in the Sing&Dance 2016.

Not only that, for the past few years, VPBank spent a lot of time investing in art performing events, along with many diversed internal activities, from sports, Sing & Dance, Miss & Mr, Trang Nguyen, VPShow to hobby clubs, such as photography club, charity club, "Rao ruc ao dai" competition, “Bikini Sport”, VPBank Commandos - conquering mount Fasipan... Through all those activities, VPBank creates a close relationship between employees, enable them to work and shine together.

Chưa có tên

Internal events enable bonding between employees

The image of 100 VPBanker coming out of the woods after conquering VPBank Commandos' challenges. The worn out, yet happy faces with glittering smiles, sweats, tears and dust are the most powerful feature describing the joy and happiness of VPBanker.


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